Words of ZYE

Raise your eyes.
Seek that which shines brightest.
Search all for inner truths, forever.

Speak all truths with love.
Learning better truths never ceases.
Love reveals all truths — love one with all.
Obey truth wisely.
Life belongs to your Creator.
Be as One with your Creator.
Life's reason is your Creator's domain.
Pain with anguish belongs to your Creator.

Meditation with prayer becomes your faith.
Faith strengthens as tribulations darken.
Power reflects your Creator's voice — speak wisely.
Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Anger which leads to hate eventually becomes evil.
Fear that which is truly evil.

Banish all unloving thoughts & prejudice.
Paranoia thrives in the specter of darkness.
Appeasing hatred fuels its all-consuming fire.
Hate suffocates love — learn to love first. 

Steal not life, love nor liberty.
Respect life - all are born innocent. 
Bestow life to all equally.
Love truthfully. Share sex honestly.

Some lies are never true.
Not all truths are created equal.
Inner truths reflect true values — share wisely.
In Truth's eyes, all lies are lies alone.

Trust not those who dare not even whisper the known truth.
Great injustices flourish as silence abounds.
Protect family with true values forever.
Life offers choices - fulfillment or abandonment.

Believe in yourself with your Creator's love for all.
Love those that choose Life's path unwisely.
Open minds with wonders of all Creators. 

Exercise your body and mind.
Seek what drives you smarter, better for all.
Music powers your soul — listen to believe.

Set free that which is not truly yours.
Become the source of inspired exemplars. 

Envisage beyond your beliefs.
Become One through life's journey.
Reach above your goals for all.

Become your best.
We are you are one of us all
Be as One